Instagram and Twitter join hands once again, making importing pictures from Twitter possible

Soon enough, users would be able to import pictures from Twitter to Instagram, starting with the profile picture for now.

Twitter and Instagram are two of the leading platforms at the moment, securing a base of over 199 million daily active users and over a billion active users respectively. Although the merging of features between Facebook and Instagram isn't a surprise, seeing how they're both led by the same father company, it did come as a shock when Twitter and Instagram decided to join hands.

According to a tweet from a developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, users will soon be able to import pictures not only from Facebook but from Twitter as well. This gives users a vast choice box to choose their pictures from. Of course, there's always the option to upload the same ones separately, but this option does make things a tad bit easier.

For now, users can only import their profile pictures but we speculate the site will soon allow users to import other pictures as well. And who knows maybe we'll be able to bring in tweets and other features from one platform to the other as well.

The screenshot shared by Paluzzi indicated that the new feature will be accessible through the pop-up box that shows when one decides to change his profile picture. Just beneath the ‘Import From Facebook’ and above the ‘Remove Profile Photo’, you will be able to locate an option labeled as ‘Import from Twitter’.

How the process will roll out then is not confirmed since the page can either direct you to your Twitter page from where you will be able to import your profile picture, or directly import the photo itself. Whatever the process might be, it will be a whole lot easier than going through loads of pictures in your gallery, trying to find the one of interest.

This was received quite positively by Paluzzi’s followers, with users asking for more updates on the feature. One even went ahead to share his wish to be able to transfer followers from one site to another! Well, the way we see it chap, it won’t be long before your wish would be granted as well.

There is no set date when the feature will roll out, nor is it confirmed to roll out just yet. Since there have been no remarks from Twitter yet, we can not be too sure of the tweet's authenticity. However, we do hope that the tweet is rather true since getting the sites to merge starting from such minor features is the first step to a great process ahead.

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