Twitter Is Testing A New Google Login Accessibility

Twitter is the safe place for a lot of users to rant within a given number of characters and express some random thought occurring in their minds anytime. However, though the blue bird has a lot of characteristics which makes it a fun social platform, one thing it lacked was the ability to sign up directly through Google Accounts, something all other applications have provided for the longest time.

Well, “was” is the keyword to be noted here because we have received some epic news for hard core Twitter users.

Reverse Engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, shared a screenshot on Twitter which enlightened her followers with the fact that Twitter possibly is working towards a Google Account login option. The image in the tweet contained a picture of the main login page of Twitter in which apart from the current two options that are “Log In” and “Sign Up”, another new button was present which stated “Continue with Google”.

This new button, though has not been made available on the users’ screen globally, will help users in linking their already existing Twitter accounts with their Google accounts or Signing up on Twitter directly through their Google credentials. This will make login process on Twitter so much easier as instead of putting in their username and passwords, users can login with simply a tap of a button.

However, though logging in will be made easier as you will have to remember only one password for all your accounts, there are still some cons when it comes to accessing your social applications with an existing Google accounts. Linking all your social media accounts with the same Google account is not a good strategy in terms of cyber security. Considering how even if a hacker gets into one of the linked applications or simply holds an access to your Google ID, can very easily then hack all your other accounts.

But, this is something you should worry about later, because currently the Google accounts have just been updated in the APK of the application and it might take a few more weeks before they actually make their presence on the users’ screen globally.

Twitter is one of the finest applications without doubt and the tech giant has always come up with great features, like Spaces and others which makes the applications a more fun place to be at and though Google account login will hold some hacking risks on its own, we are sure that Twitter being the responsible and user convenient application it is will provide users with some kind of a safety or back up option as well. However, anything further can only be confirmed when the tech giant itself breaks the news of this feature and currently it has not spoken anything on this matter as of yet.

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