Twitter to provide more information on the denial of verification requests

Back in May, Twitter reopened its verification procedure for the accounts to get verified. But it seems like the user requested for verification have noticed that their request application was denied. Twitter did not disclose any reason behind this regard and the cause has remained a secret.

In the latest update, Twitter has decided to brief more details to the users who do not get the proper explanation when their verification request gets rejected. Along with the details, Twitter has also guided about the instructions need to be followed in order to get the account verified.

The criteria includes a number of rules like if any brand, company, or an organization wanted to verify their account, they need to have their follower count in .05 percent active users living in the same vicinity. The same rule goes for public figures or influencers.

As for reporters, the Twitter account must include a mention of the news organization with which they are involved and a connection to its online webpage. The news reference that will be mentioned must be a well known, validated entity as defined by Twitter’s guidelines. Journalists should provide a reference that displays their bio or about page or they can attach the link of their published material that include their info.

The criteria for freelance reporters and writers is to give links to their recently published work at least three published content that were posted on authenticated website within a period of six months.

The profile should be completed before applying for verification process. Which means that it should include users name, display picture, and authentic email address or contact number. If the account is not following Twitter rules and posting abusive content, it will not be considered by Twitter.

According to Twitter certain more rules will be added in the verification process to assists the users regarding verification of their accounts. Limited users are allowed to get done with verification as for now. Government entities, brands, businesses, organizations, news reporters and publishers, people associated with media, athletes and gamers, social media influencers, activists, and public figures are eligible to continue verification process on Twitter.

As per Twitter, new groups such as researchers, scholars, and spiritual figures may be added in the future. The application procedure is being rolled out gradually and there is no need to worry if anyone won’t see their request processing as it will be available to everyone eventually as claimed by Twitter.

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