Millions of users were affected due to the cyber security disasters of these giant tech companies

Have you ever thought that the data theft of giant companies can affect billions of people from all over the world as the data is the most valuable thing that these companies handle, and even a little flaw can put billions of people in danger? The report says that data leaks of Facebook and Yahoo have impacted most of the people in the world, whereas, Amazon became the victim of data breach more than 6 times which is the highest number so far for any big brand. Facebook and Tesco were attacked 4 times by hackers, while Yahoo, eBay, and AOL have 3 numbers of breaches. However, Twitter, Microsoft, Dropbox, and Uber have to face 2 numbers of such heinous attempts.

Users should be very cautious because their online personal data is not 100% secure all of the time, including their names, ID, passwords, username, credit card details, and other bank information as well.

Analysis shows that these data breaches have become much common during the last couple of years. However, the following figures show that the cyber security disasters of these companies affect most users around the globe. MoneyCoUk has revealed that during the year 2018, the data of Facebook was hacked and that put about 2.2 billion people at risk. That is not it; Facebook also became the victim of a data breach in 2021 where the data of about 533 million people were hacked including their personal details such as their usernames, email addresses, etc. That was the third biggest data theft in the world. The data of the same company was also hacked during 2014 which affected about a 50 million people.

However, during the year 2013, the data of Yahoo was also hacked which leaked the details of about 1 billion people and that was considered as the 2nd largest data break in the world. Yahoo also became the victim of a data breach in 2014 that affected about 500 million people. The data of the same company was also hacked 4 years ago that affected about 32 million people.

These companies should have the most secure system to handle the data of users as they have billions of active users who trust these companies, but their little negligence can put their users in danger. The data of Twitter’s users were exposed during 2018 which affected about 330 million people. The data infringement of Microsoft affected about 250 million people in 2020. The data of MySpace, MyFitnessPal, and eBay were also hacked from 2014 to 2018 that affected 145 to 164 million people. AOL became the victim of malicious insiders that affected about 92 million people.

The hacked data of Sony Online Entertainment has least affected the people on the list, that is about 24.6 million. These figures show that data theft is very common in social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, many other industries such as gaming were also actively targeted by hackers in 2011 and 2020. Take a peek at below infographics for more stats on cyber security breaches.
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