YouTube shorts is now rolling out in around 100 countries

Back in 2019 and early 2020, big social media and technology giants such as Instagram, Facebook, Google all had their eyes fixed on one particular platform that was booming at the time and it was TikTok. TikTok’s sudden rise and popularity amongst users is surely something extra ordinary. TikTok was able to come out and give such a strong competition to the whole social platform industry, all within a very small time period. TikTok soon rose up to be the 3rd most used app in 2020.

TikTok’s growing popularity and increased competition from TikTok made other social platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to acknowledge the demand for short length video content and made them come out with their versions of short length video content features. Instagram came out with Reels that has small length engaging videos that users can easily find on the Instagram application. Google owned YouTube was also one company that developed something of their own to compete TikTok and it was ‘YouTube shorts’. YouTube shorts is released as feature within the YouTube app and consist of small length video content with user interface similar to that of TikTok, being a leading video platform YouTube has the largest amount of video content and has a big number of users. YouTube large user base that visits the platform to watch video content is something that suggest that YouTube shorts will surely be a success.

While other platforms such as Instagram have only released their short video content feature in limited countries, YouTube is looking forward to release the YouTube shorts feature in 100 countries. YouTube first released this feature in India back in September 2020 and since then beta versions of the feature have been released in various countries including the United States. The countries which already have YouTube shorts will continue to do so while 100 more will be added in the list. Users will be able to use the ‘shorts’ feature to watch short videos while on the YouTube app.

With the increasing popularity and user base of ‘shorts’, YouTube is planning and experimenting new ways of monetization for it, the company wants to include more and more ways for its creators to generate revenue so that famous creators start creating YouTube shorts thus bringing a lot of people onto the feature.
Apart from that YouTube says that users in the upcoming days will be able to search a snippet or line of a song and will be able to find that complete song on Shorts and will also be able to create shorts using them. YouTube has a huge collection of songs since almost every creator uploads their song on YouTube, this is something that would help YouTube maintain a broad library of licensed songs, this is something its competitor TikTok has struggled with thus giving YouTube shorts the upper hand in this aspect.

Users all over the world are excited for the release of shorts in their country, with the release we might see a lot of TikTok creators also jump onto YouTube shorts. YouTube officials say that ‘shorts’ will release in all 100+ countries within a few days.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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