LinkedIn has become the victim of a substantial data scraping, as the important data of around 700 million users have been leaked online

Just like Facebook, Clubhouse, and Reddit, LinkedIn has become the victim of the hacker who has leaked the data of the users of the social media platform online. Out of 756 million LinkedIn users approximately 700 million users data has been leaked online.

According to the reports from PrivacySharks and Restoreprivacy, the personal data of users have been shared online including their private phone number, their location, and their email addresses. 

Recently LinkedIn acknowledges that the public data of its users have been posted online which includes their email address, their names, and IDs. 

LinkedIn regarding its new incident claims that "this is not a data breach and no private LinkedIn member data was exposed". The platform has further said that it is still scrutinizing this case and so far it looks that it is the result of scrapping details from the platform and this info has been collected from outside sources.

LinkedIn has said that the scrapping of information from the platform is a complete violation of the policies and it will try its best to secure the data of users.

The unknown hacker has posted the data of about a million users on the Dark Web as a sample including the email IDs of the users, their mobile numbers, and their location addresses, the aim of posting this record was that threat actor has gained some important info of users. The hacker is also trying to sell the data of 92% of the users.

Several media outlets have tried to reach out hacker and in response, the hacker has confirmed that he got the data through the LinkedIn API to reap the info that people have posted online. The good news is that this info does not contain the password of the accounts but still, it is much worrying as the exposed data is still very precious and this can also be used on phishing campaigns.

Users are advised to recheck the setting of their account to secure their data, users should also frequently change the password of their accounts and if it is possible then they should also enable the 2 factor verification, and they should be careful while accepting the request of unknown users on the platforms.

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