Curious about the earnings of SEO specialists, here are the figures that show how much money do these experts make in 2021

All SEO experts do not earn the same amount of money, obviously, the average income depends on their job description and the years of experience they have in the field. Recently, a survey has been conducted by Search Engine Journal (SEJ) that included more than 2,600 professionals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts including 61% from the US, 12% from India, and about 4% were from the UK, while a small portion from Canada (2.4%) and rest of the experts were from other countries of the world. Approximately, 76% of pros had experience of over two years. These figures will give you an idea so you can also demand the pay while keeping in mind these figures during your job interview in the related field.

During the survey, out of 2,600 respondents, only 2,300 professionals gave information about their salaries whereas 150 experts said that it is their confidential detail so they do not want to share it publicly.

The survey published the data of income bracket that about 60% of the SEO experts have the same number of income or even some more than the national median income of the US that is $57,456 for males and $47,299 for females according to the report from the United States Bureau. Not all the experts earning the same income, there are about 40% of experts who are earning below than US median income. Almost 19% of the SEO pros are taking the salary of more than $100k annually and even almost about 4% of the pros are running double than this number annually.

The figures show that the number of $149k is attainable for experts but there are a only few top pros who are taking the salary of more than $200k who mostly have the experience of 20y or even more and only 4% of the pros have that number of expertise. Most people fall in the range of $50k to $70k. The experts from developing nations are earning less income than those from developed nations, for instance, SEO experts from India are earning below the national US media income.

The following are the figures of salary based on their job description or title. More than a quarter of junior roles start taking the earning $35k to $49k range. About 32% of SEO managers have a similar number of earing to the national US media income. The Directors and executives are earning more than US media income that is more than $100k and one of the reasons is that they start their own businesses or run their websites as well. Not all freelancers are getting paid well as 44% of them are earning below the US median income one reason for their low earning is they usually have less experience including 12% from India.

When people are applying for a related field job, they must keep in mind that when the companies are advertising their jobs, not every time candidates who have passed the interview will get the same amount of salary that is written in the advertisement.

The number of experience is the major reason for higher-earning as 27% of the pros are taking the salary from $35k to $49k when they have 2 to 4 years of expertise in the relevant field. 32% of those pros who are earning almost an equal amount or even more than the national US media income have the experience of 5 to 10 years. 25% of those experts of SEO who have 11 to 20y of expertise are getting the income of $75k to $99k. 17% of those experts who are earning approximately $200k have more than 20 years of expertise in the relevant field.

SEO has become more difficult than it was before and as people are getting more expertise, knowledge, and skill in the relevant field, their earnings will automatically be increased.

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