Instagram to Bring Some Twists in The Resharing Options to Make It More Engaging for the Users

Instagram is one of the top social media applications in the social media world and the tech giant has a huge userbase, i.e. over 1 billion.

This large number of users make the company realize what an important role they play in their user’s everyday life and this realization makes them work hard to introduce new features to keep their current audience intact and to attract new ones as well.

Recently, Instagram was spotted working on yet another new feature.

As of the current time, users can directly share posts and videos from their explore or stuff they find while scrolling on their stories However, the tech giant is bringing some changes to it now.

From the new update, a small number of users that will be under testing can reshare posts or videos directly through their story section in the application. The tech giant is introducing a feature which will allow users to review all the posts they had seen on their feed within the last hour. The content will be found on sticker tray where all the reviewed content will be collected under a new reshare sticker.

Through this feature, users can select any picture as a backdrop and then select the recently viewed posts from their feed from the sticker tray.

But why is Instagram introducing a new resharing option when it already had one?

Well, according to the tech giant people found the old resharing option less fun and the engagement on it was not really good. It annoyed people to see the same posts on their stories that they could see on their feed to and this new feature testing is to make resharing a little fun and different for people.

However, this feature is still under testing conditions and when it will be released is not known. The social giant has also not put forward any statement as till yet.

There are chances that though this feature maybe introduced to a small portion for testing purposes, it may never make it to the official feature list because there have been a lot of times that the tech giant tests features and though it is liked by the public they never make it official.

We are certain though that whatever feature the tech giant comes up with it will be just as amazing as all of its previous ones because Instagram has always lived up to its user’s expectations.

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