Instagram Is Working On Introducing Two New Features in The Coming Future

Instagram is one of the most popular and used applications existing in the social media world and the growing success of the application makes it want to introduce new features and options so that they can make their space a user friendly one and also to keep their user growth intact and encourage new users to join them as well and hence the company every few weeks comes up with something new.

Recently, two new features were observed on Instagram which seem really cool.

The first one, as per spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi, is a new feature on the application which will allow you to search for specific audios on the application. On the search bar you can see three options which are searching for people, tags and locations but now in between tags and location a new option was observed which is search for audio. This option will allow users to search for specific audios and its related videos on the application. While such an option was already present on the Reels feature of the application which is a feature allowing you to create short videos on the app. Some users believe that since TikTok has a similar option which allows users to search for audio and noticing the growing popularity of the said feature, Instagram has copied the same feature after Reels as well.

The second feature which was observed on the sticker portion of the Instagram application. A new sticker reading “Reshare” was noticed by a user on the application and while it has not been said by the company as to what this feature does we believe that it is just a sticker indicating that you have re shared a particular video or picture from another account to your story. However, the exact details can only be given by the company and we will have to wait for further information.

If these two features are not visible two you this may be possibly because of two reason. One being that the company has not yet introduced it globally and is launching it in smaller regions only until it is certain that it will be liked by the public or that you have not updated to the latest version of the application.

Instagram has been in the social media world for far too long and it has made quite an impression on its audience. It is great that the tech giant works day in and out to provide its audience with the very best it has to offer and the company has never disappointed in terms of provision. We cannot wait to see what else the tech giant has in its bag for us in the coming times because we certainly do have high expectations from them.

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