Instagram has introduced a Security Checkup for those who have had their accounts breached

Instagram has added a new security screening for users who have previously had their accounts breached. When those who have had their accounts hacked in the past log in, they will be asked if they wish to initiate a security inspection. The functionality guides users through privacy procedures such as verifying related accounts that duplicate login credentials, analyzing login history and maintaining backup contact details.

Along with the existing features of phone numbers and verification procedures, Instagram plans to introduce WhatsApp compatibility for two-factor security. According to the Instagram, the number of accounts are rising that claims to be Instagram in personal messages and force individuals to disclose their passwords. Although, Instagram never send direct messages, if there is something to give update to the users it sends email and to confirm that email is genuine, users can simply go to Emails from Instagram option in the settings.

The new protective feature is launching in the middle of recently updated feature that claims to send emails for password resetting option. And it seems to be filling up the inbox of users. These emails are either from Instagram or most probably from hackers that are trying to hijack a couple of accounts in a single attack. It is frustrating to receive emails on and on but that clearly does not indicate that the account has been compromised.

According to Instagram, another method they are aiming to make Instagram accounts as safe as possible is through Checkup. However, there are a few additional actions that everyone should take to make their account even more safe. Users are encouraged to activate two factor authentication from WhatsApp as in the future, Instagram account safety will also be controlled through WhatsApp accounts. Although, this is going to limited in few countries.

Instagram suggested users to keep their information updated including contact number and email address so in case if any anonymous person tries to hack the account, users will receive an email. It is also important to note that Instagram contacts users via emails, so any direct message received in the name of Instagram will be a signal that the person might be a hacker.

If any posts or feature looks suspicious, users are advised to report that as soon as possible. Spam accounts try to mimic other people by using their verification status and attack targeted people. All the instructions provided by Instagram will help users protect their account from being hacked.

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