Twitter’s new ‘Change who can reply’ feature allows users to select people that they don’t want to reply on their tweets

The world of social platforms has always been about changes, updates and features that people enjoy or get amazed from. Ever since Internet boomed there have been quite a lot of social platforms that have come up and went down within a few years however some have been in the game for the longest time now, the list includes applications like Twitter and Facebook. These applications have been year for decades yet still continue to dominate other new platforms.

When discussing about how these apps have managed to survive years of competition, one can think of many reasons. The most primary reason for the success of these apps is their ability to identify and understand user problems and solve them effectively. Twitter is one platform that is amazing at solving every problem that users on its platform faces.

From the past few years all social sites have been working towards making their platforms friendlier and non-toxic while some have been able to achieve it other have not. Twitter is one platform where things such as heated arguments can make people angry at each other thus making them speak ill of each other, people especially famous Twitter users have had a problem of a user continuously spamming hate comments on their post, to solve this problem Twitter has come up with an effective solution.

Twitter announced the release of this feature by a Tweet on July 14, in the tweet Twitter wrote about how users tweet are there spaces and they should be able to control who enters it thus they have developed this feature.

The new feature makes sure that the reply section to user’s tweet stays free from any toxicity or hate comments, users can easily select whom to allow to reply on their post by clicking on the ellipsis button and then clicking on the option that says ‘Change who can reply’.

Just last year Twitter started testing a feature that allowed users to limit as to who can reply on their tweets, the roll out of more and more features that lets users control their space on Twitter has been increasing, this makes a lot of users happy. Some people were also found criticizing this feature saying that this feature limits the discussion that takes place on the platform.

However, Twitter’s CEO ‘Jack Dorsey’ in a public interview said that this feature is an effort towards increasing the health of public conversation.

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