Instagram is testing a feature in the feed to automatically play videos in the full-screen

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms with more than a billion users from all over the world who share photos, videos, reel content, and post different types of stories every day. Instagram runs a major platform for videos that are divided into four types, IGTV; videos post, stories, and live streaming, as the report says that almost 40% of the users post video content every day. Recently, Alessandro Paluzzi who is known as the leaker, and developer has posted a tweet, highlighting that the platform is testing a new feature that will automatically play videos on the full screen in the feed so that can be exciting news for those users who love to watch videos in full screen as they will not have to specifically tap the full-screen option. This is also help to increase the engagement of users with businesses and brands on the platform when they share their ads videos, and many brands will be able to take benefit from this option in the future.

Well, possibly not all users may like this coming option as it might be possible that some people may get irritated with that auto play behavior because it looks to force people to watch every video. Some people also re-tweeted on the post of Paluzzi that this option looks annoying because all people do not want to watch videos on the full screen and most people just swipe videos randomly. However, the leaker further said that this option is still in the development phase and it is not certain that this option will be rolled out as an automatic; maybe the platform gives an option to users to turn it on first if they want to watch videos automatically in the full screen. Users must keep it in mind that this is only a leak and it may also be possible that the platform may not launch in the future as well. Instagram always tries to provide a better experience to its users and it is hoped that it will also bring an option to activate or deactivate this automatic full screen.

Let us see how the platform brings this option in the future, however, it is still not confirmed that when it will be launch and what further options will be attached to it.

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