Instagram rolls out a translation feature to help support communication diversity

The Facebook-owned platform, Instagram has one of the largest user bases in all of the social media communities. The platform harbors creators of all kinds. The regional-diverse application also has innumerable users belonging to different places with different abilities. To cater to them all, Instagram keeps updating its features to create an efficient environment for all.

Instagram has launched the translation feature a while back which is pretty handy for people all over the globe by allowing them to communicate without any hassle. The simple click of a button resulting in the change of language has empowered people by giving them a larger audience to address.

The platform is now expanding its reach by enabling the feature on stories as well. We already were aware of the arrival of the new feature all thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer who spills all the tea on undeveloped features. In his tweet, he mentioned the arrival and the use of the translation update for Instagram stories.

The version launched this week is far more accurate and specific than the one Paluzzi outed. However, he only disclosed the work in process so it would be natural to assume that Instagram made a lot of tweaks before launching the feature.

Here’s how the translation on stories works:
  • When you’re viewing a story post, a ‘See Translations’ banner will appear in the upper left corner of your story if a foreign language is detected (currently, 90+ languages are supported)
  • To translate, simply tap ‘See Translations’ and a translation will pop up!
  • Note, translations are only available for text, and not audio at this time.
We assume the translation idea came to the Instagram developers following the caption sticker feature launched a while back. The caption sticker feature has served as a heavenly bliss for most people. Those who can't understand particular languages or are deaf have benefited from the feature the most. This way, Instagram has proved to serve as a diverse platform through actual actions instead of plain campaigns and claims.

The sticker, as we all know already, writes the text version of what's being said in the video. They work like captions however they cannot be disabled by the viewers. Furthermore, the font and the font size are also adjustable. This again was brought to light by a third-person, Matt Navarra, who is a social media consultant. His tweet already informed the public about the launch way before it was rolled out.

We strongly believe the caption sticker has strongly influenced the translation update since the differences are barely distinguishable.

The translation update on the story is not only going to help the disabled but also will serve as the ultimate tool for brands to expand their reach by targeting a larger audience. The next time you come across a Spanish story, you won't have to tap ahead. This time around you will be able to listen to the content and enjoy along.

We are elated due to the launch and can't stop using it. Let us know how you feel about this translation feature in the comments below.
Now, it’ll be easier than ever for users to connect with global audiences on Instagram Stories. With translations, people will be able to translate Stories text into their native language and enjoy more content on Instagram.
Instagram launches Stories translations globally, connecting audiences worldwide
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