Instagram has announced that it is "soon" bringing the auto caption tools for the feed posts

Instagram always tries to bring exciting features for its users to increase their engagement for posts they upload and share on the app. The platform introduced the auto caption feature for the first time for IGTV content video for its users that got a lot of positive feedback from the users during the last year. As these captions can add perspective to the post which can attract the viewers and these can also demonstrate the nature of the brand. The platform also launched the auto caption and different types of signs for stories a couple of months ago that spontaneously turn what users say into the text.

Now, this time, the platform is trying to enlarge these auto-generated captions to the feed post as well. People are much excited by hearing the news of this upcoming feature, as it will improve the approachability and will upsurge the engagement of the audience. Users will be able to use it with sound and without sound environments. This upcoming auto-generated caption feature will also shrink the work of creators as they will be able to quickly add those captions in their feed posts so they will not have to worry about the captions while uploading their posts. This option will also be useful in some situations such as when you are with your friends, or in public locations and you cannot get the complete background of the video clip and you are unable to turn on the volume because you cannot risk the anger of those near you. Now you have more options to deal with that situation.

It looks like the platform is now focusing more on these types of automatic features as a few days ago a leaker tweeted that the platform is also testing the option that will automatically play the video content on the full screen as this option is not released yet but looks like the platform is trying to provide an improved experience to its users. These auto-generated captions of the post is not a big announcement but still, it can help users and creators a lot, as now they can easily upload the videos without thinking about the captions as the feature will do half of the work. This feature is still in progress and will be released soon.

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