Translating Stories could be a new feature to make its way on Instagram

Instagram keeps working on features that can help its users. Since Instagram is a global platform and the main idea behind this application is to connect people. This connection across countries is based on language, if a user can’t read or understand what other person has written, then they won’t be able to communicate. To help its users in getting over this barrier, Instagram first introduced a “see translation” option for posts. Now according to Alessandro Paluzzi, this translation feature will be available for Instagram’s stories as well.

It is believed that the idea for translating stories came with the Caption Sticker feature that was introduced at the beginning of this year. This caption sticker feature was appraised by everyone as it made it more convenient to generate captions and can be used swiftly. The sticker is added in the story that will lead Instagram to write a text version of the video going to be posted on Story. Not only this but the user can even make it more pleasing by adjusting the font and font size. The results may not be fully accurate as shown by Matt Navarra, who first talked about the new feature on his twitter page. The video posted by him had some mistakes that lead the transcribing process not to be fully accurate. However, it was enough to help anyone in understanding what the story was about.

This new caption feature wasn’t just useful for people belonging to different countries. It can help those as well who are dealing with hearing issues. While the idea of this kind of feature is new on Instagram, other applications such as Zoom, YouTube and even Twitter are already working on it as well. After receiving a positive response from users all over the world, it seems like Instagram was looking forward to deliver more. This could be the reason why Facebook owned application decided to roll out a similar feature for normal pictures as well. Previously it was only applicable for videos but the new translating feature is not dependent on the type of story instead it will work only on the translation part.

The details for the feature are yet to be unveiled but for now it is clear that this feature will be rolling out pretty soon.

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