Twitter starts testing the addition of new features to its often ignored ‘Tweet Deck’

By the late 2000’s social media became largely popular amongst people and everyone started making accounts on different social platforms, later social media became much bigger than what it was in the 2000s. With the increased popularity and a wide range of uses, businesses and organizations started making multiple social accounts on each site which they used for different purposes, however to handle multiple accounts is surely one difficult task.

Social media platforms understood this particular problem faced by users, thus a lot of social media platforms built different features to solve this problem. One example is the Facebook ‘Pages Manager’ that lets a person handle multiple Facebook accounts using just one app.

Twitter being a platform that is more towards the professional side is used by many big companies and politicians that have multiple accounts each for a particular purpose. In the late 2000s there was no proper dashboard for handling multiple accounts however in 2008 a Twitter user came up with ‘Tweet Deck’ which effectively solved this problem and also allowed users to do a bunch of other things such as viewing multiple timelines, scheduling tweets, build connections etc.

Twitter due to ‘Tweet Deck’s’ increasing usage, acquired it in 2011 for 40 million dollars, ever since Twitter acquired Tweet Deck, the number of users on it have increased by some extent however over the years it never got the user traffic it was expected to get. Despite being a useful tool that makes managing Twitter much easier, Tweet Deck was ignored by most users with multiple accounts.

Twitter however is still optimistic about Tweet Deck and has now started testing the addition of new features on it. The new version of Tweet Deck will include a full tweet composer, advance search features, new columns types that lets users do more things than before while also allowing users to group the columns into clean workspaces much more effectively. These new updates on Tweet Deck would surely increase its functionality and bring new users to it.

Social media managers are the people that would benefit the most from this revamp of Tweet Deck since after the update they would be able to organize columns into different workspaces moreover they would also be able to create a different workspace for each client.

Twitter for now has only decided to release the update in specific parts of America, Canada and Australia, Twitter also announced that with the release of the test version of Tweet Deck, they will be open to feedbacks for changes.

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