Instagram may soon allow users to switch between accounts easily through an iOS widget

Instagram may son allow you to easily access multiple accounts via your home screen.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer known for sharing upcoming updates on major social media platforms, has dropped yet another new leak. According to Paluzzi, Instagram is working on a widget that will allow users to switch between accounts from the comfort of their home screen.

This home screen widget was shared by the developer on his Twitter account although extensive information was withheld. According to the screenshot shared, the widget be medium sized and will let users access up to 4 different accounts.

Paluzzi failed to show how the widget works so we assume it requires a simple tapping on the screen. This is much more handy than the process we currently have to go through to change accounts. You will be saved from the trouble of opening up your application and then holding the profile icon for long to display a different account or the double tapping of the display picture at the bottom right corner. Now, you will simply have to tap on the account of interest presented on your home screen.

Although the widget is still under development, we speculate that the final version will have alternate sizes while having a much defined layout as well. There is also a very low possibility that the widget won't see the light of day at all. Instagram could make the widget disappear as it has done countless times before however the possibility is least likely.

Paluzzi has previously revealed numerous features, specializing in Facebook ones with Instagram as his top priority. He previously mentioned the reveal of exclusive stories on Instagram which will let people post stories but earn in return. They're similar to close friends, but with a catch. The feature is monetized hence users can make money through uploading stories.

The developer also brought to light the video trim feature on Instagram. The most popular one was the audio rooms reveal. Paluzzi made sure to keep users updated throughout the process before Instagram could make any official announcement. Lastly, Paluzzi brought forward yet another Instagram monetization feature namely 'Bonuses.'

The developer also revealed the most recent Twitter venture. According to his tweet, Twitter is working on a feature that lets you search up long lost messages. This updates version is going to help a lot of users recall old texts.

Instagram hasn't made any official announcement regarding the widget. We are pretty sure the widget will make it out and will be a popular hit amongst the public. As always, Instagram always produces features that are highly appreciated but only when the incentive is original. We expect the widget to launch soon for all iOS users.

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