Instagram Confirms It Is Working On “Limits” Feature To Protect Users from Online Harassment on its Social Network

Instagram has recently confirmed the testing of yet another feature which is meant to protect users from cyber harassment. The feature called "Limits" was brought to focus by the tech giant after a massive wave of cyber bullying was pulled off against three well known England footballers namely Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho because of their brutal loss in a match earlier this month.

The England Football team and precisely these three players faced a lot of backlash and racist comments online and while this isn't something new because social media is known to be a place where people bring down others a lot of times, tech giants like Instagram have longed worked to prevent all this.

Instagram has a machine technology to filter out and block such racist or demeaning comments and also has human moderators to double check on what the machine moderation misses. However, despite having such strong checkup systems sometimes some comments are left on the platform probably because of the fact that the machine cannot pick them up as comments against the apps policy, and some comments are used in emoji forms as well which are harder for the tech moderator to interpret as negative.

However, the CEO Adam Mosseri said that the footballers issue was brought to notice and has been resolved and the tech giant has brought down as many posts as they could.

Mosseri further took the platform to educate users on some self-protection tools Instagram offers like Block and Restrict which gives users an option to block comments before they are visible to a wider public and read and block messages without the "read" label being put on it.

Another feature called "Hidden Words" lets users hide comments with certain keywords put in by the user automatically.

While these were already present on the application, Mosseri decided to talk about a new feature which was brought to the public's notice by Matt Navarra who is known to unleash hidden features from different apps.

The new 'Limits' feature will be available in the privacy section of the settings menu and will allow users to limit a certain number of audience or groups from commenting or messaging.

The application will suggest user’s names of groups and people who are rather new followers because according to statistics old followers are least likely to bully you but it is the new ones which come and follow you only for the purpose of demeaning most of the times.

Though the feature has been confirmed by the social giant and its CEO what is only known is that it is currently in testing in a small number of countries and when will it make its way officially globally is yet unknown.

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