Comment Translators and Green Screens? YouTube All Set to Release Some Really Cool Features

YouTube has been the most favorite video watching platform for the longest time and considering how the application has millions of users from all around the world, it is a huge task on its shoulders to keep its audience happy and interacted with each other.

In order to full fill these two tasks efficiently the online video watching platform introduces new changes and features every now and then to keep users interacted.

The tech giant through Creators Insiders which is its channel to announce all that is to come on YouTube revealed a bunch of new stuff.

The first among this has got to be the really cool comment translators. How many times have we scrolled through the comments and seen comments and replies in languages we don't know because it obviously is something impossible for a person to know all the worldly languages. However, some replies to comments intrigue you so much that you want to know what is happening in the conversation. Well this has been sorted because YouTube is launching a comment translator option on the main app on all mobile versions. This will help you translate the comment from the language it is written in to the language you have on your default settings.

However currently it is only making its way for the main app mobile versions, so studio and desktops will have to wait.

Apart from this one feature which will help streamers and creators on live videos to interact with their true following without any third party coming in and distributing is the option to set the live chat to subscribers only. This feature will help users to make their true subscribers feel included and more interaction will be maintained while the creators holds a live session.

The new green screen feature is the one for Shorts. The green screen option will allow Shorts creators to put up any image from their phones gallery as their background for their video.

Both these features will roll out for all creators on all YouTube associations in the coming weeks.

The tech giant will also be expanding access to clips with creators more than a thousand subs. The purpose of this will be that viewers can record a small part of the live sessions or videos from their favorite creators. This will come in handy for all the fan accounts.

All these features that YouTube is launching look rather promising and we cannot wait to see the final results.

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