Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s dodgy replies to Elon Musk’s questions about Bitcoin Payment Support leaves some questions unanswered

Bitcoin famously known as ‘Digital Gold’ is surely the one thing that would internet, technology and economy in the upcoming years. Bitcoin which was launched as a digital currency in 2009 has been people’s favorite currency ever since, over the years Bitcoin has skyrocketed its value particularly due to its increasing demand. Ever since Bitcoin’s value reached the $50000 mark, big tech started showing an interest in the currency, different companies bought a whole lot of it and are still holding it. So what is it that makes Bitcoin so special? Well the fact that Bitcoin is limited and only a particular amount can be mined until the reserve finishes is what makes Bitcoin so demandable. Bitcoin and other digital currencies were launched so that the economy can be decentralized and the power to control the economy can be taken from the banks.

Bitcoin in the start of this decade was a mere digital coin that people bought in exchange for pennies however it started to grow in value when businesses big and small started to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. As of now a whole lot of companies have started buying and accepting Bitcoin. Tesla which is largely owned by ‘Elon Musk’ is amongst the companies that accept Bitcoins as a form of payment. Elon Musk in recent years has been a great advocate of digital currency and has stood in its support.

Recently Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk were called in on a virtual session called ‘The B-word’, the session was organized to discuss Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and its future. In the session a whole lot of different things were discussed however one particular question left viewers and Bitcoiners confused. It was when Elon Musk during the session asked Jack Dorsey whether he would allow advertisers on Twitter to pay in Bitcoins.

Jack Dorsey reply wasn’t really direct and it felt that he too was unsure of the decision. Jack replied that Twitter sure is focused on making a more decentralized payment system as a part of its new project named ‘BlueSky’. Elon further clarified his question and asked Jack whether he would accept it as a form of payment. To which Dorsey replied that Twitter would definitely work towards accepting any form of currency that advertisers are willing to pay.

After Jack’s dodgy reply, Elon said that Twitter accepting Bitcoin or other crypto payments would really support cryptocurrencies and help them grow, Dorsey agreed to the statement however when Elon again asked him about Twitter accepting Bitcoin he chose to gave not much extra views beside just being a supporter.

Just a few months back when Tesla started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, the value of Bitcoin reached its all-time high. The news of a social giant like Twitter sure would have had the same effect as Tesla had on Bitcoins value. Bitcoin miners and holders are still confused about what Dorsey meant by his statement however Dorsey just last week announced that his company named ‘Square’ is working towards creating a business that helps bitcoin developers. The fact that Dorsey is actively working for the development of cryptocurrency shows that he surely does believes that it is the future however his silence in the interview suggested otherwise.

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