Instagram is working on a new Limits feature to prevent harassment from groups

Recently, Instagram introduced a new Limits option which brings forward to tackle the in-platform abuse that users face a lot of time. Over the years, the importance of this feature has grown exponentially as the internet Rage Mob and the cancel culture run rampant. Not only that, there has been an increase in all forms of misinformation, body shaming, and all forms of negative feedback that influencers face over the platform.

These complaints and negative interactions on the platform first helped to introduce the Restrict option back in 2019 that provided the user to hide certain comments from their view, however, it was still visible to the individuals that followed the user and still projected the negative bias that was projected by the comments.

However, the Limits options, currently in beta testing provide users with the option to prevent a specific group of accounts from interacting with the user’s posts. It gives the user to not only hide the interaction from themselves but from their followers as well.

The update and its features were posted on social media websites by the social media consultant, Matt Navarra (originally spotted by Ahmed Ghanem). It included some specifics of the feature and introduced the two groups that can be limited in the beta testing were Accounts that are not following the user and the accounts that very recently followed the users.

The latter of the two groups was a spin-off of the feature that is often used on the game streaming platform, Twitch, where a user has to wait for a pre-selected amount of time before they can interact with stream in all forms of comments and subs etcetera. The feature is now upgraded to Instagram where the user can select the number of days that the user intends to limit the activity of the new following users or the non-following users.

This was followed by a statement from Instagram which clarified its reasons for introducing the feature. The statement mentioned that the social media platform intends to provide its users with options and choices to employ when they are dealt with hate and/or intense abuse and harassment. It was further clarified that the feature is not only available to the interaction on comments but also Limits the two groups from sending Direct Messages as well.

The testing process for this feature has now begun and the feature is available to everyone that is in the user test pool for Instagram. For those now part of the pool would have to wait for the results of the beta testing and the effectiveness of the feature before they are given the taste of the Limits option.

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