Instagram Is Testing A New Co-Author Feed Posts And Reels Feature Called “Collab”

Instagram is among one of the top most used social media applications and the tech giant has created history with the impeccable number of users it has from all ages of life.

It realized the impact it holds in its user’s life and hence it works day in and out to bring about changes for the betterment on its application and to keep its old users intact and attract new ones as well.

Instagram is also the place where the content creation culture is massive and many users are making a living out of it through the app and hence working on that part of the feature on the application is a must.

The tech giant has recently introduced a new feature called Collab in limited regions.

The purpose of this feature is to identify creators who are part of a collaboration. This means that when one user uploads a post, video or reel they can tag another user who might possibly be a part of it. While this tagging feature already existed on Instagram the collaboration tagging comes with a twist.

In this feature, collaborators who are tagged, their name will not only be visible on the said post but the post, video or reel will also be accessible to their followers despite it being uploaded from someone's else's account. This way the video will reach twice the audience through a single account.

However, this feature is only available in two countries, India being largely one of them and hence if you are from some other part of the world, you'll have to wait until it makes a global appearance.

Though, in case you are curious that how can users put this feature in use once accessible all you will have to do is once you are done selecting a reel for upload, at the end of the share screen tap on the "tag people" option and then further 'tag collaborator'.

Once the tagged person accepts the collaboration request, the post will be visible on both the accounts. However, what needs to be made sure is that this feature works only for public accounts.

Facebook is bringing about new feature for all its connected applications and we cannot wait to see what else it has in store for us.
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