Snapchat to Change Ecommerce Space with its New “SnapShop” feature

Snapchat has grown past from a camera application with cute filters and the never ending streak maintenance and as much as we like it for these two factors the social media application is growing every day and is introducing new and unique features to keep all its users hooked up to it.

Among the newly introduced features like, Spotlight and all the new stickers, the bright yellow application is flourishing in the eCommerce industry too.

The pandemic brought about a realization that how important online shopping can be in the lives of people and since then all applications have managed to make it their business to introduce shopping related e commerce on their platforms, and Snapchat did the same for its Snapfam.

The tech giant, as per a Twitter user Kendall, has introduced a new feature which makes shopping for products one hundred times easier by introducing a feature known as “Screen shop”.

The Screen shop is a factor where users can save screenshots of images or videos of products in their galleries which they are interested in buying and cannot find a reliable place to shop from. Once the screenshot has been taken, all users will have to do is open that screenshot images from the gallery to the memories on the screen shop feature. This feature will then detect the product and link you up with various third party websites which are selling the same or related products.

The feature will help you in easily finding a product of your choice by linking you with various resources and the best part is that when you will have an accessibility of various verities, you can observe the authenticity and differentiate between the prices as well before you make a buy. This will help users in buying a budget friendly but authentic product.

This new feature by Snapchat is such a twist in the online shopping world, however this twist is for the better. The new feature is a change for the better in the ecommerce business and is a new advantage for users who rely on online stores as a means to shop.

This will also help finding and buying products so much easier.

Snapchat is creating history with introducing new and unique features on an application which was merely created for selfies and snapchatting purposes and how they have managed to keep people hooked to it is commendable. The new screen shop feature is under testing and is yet to release, however we know it is going to be just as great as all the features Snapchat has introduced before.

H/T: @KenSchillinger
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