The new Digital 2021 report reveals the many milestones that the social media space was able to achieve

Hootsuite (the social media management platform) and We Are Social (a creative agency) partnered up to give the new Digital 2021 April Global Statshot Report, that reveals that more than 6 in 10 people all around the world use the internet. The statistics indicate that the digital users have grown to over 332 million during the last 12 months and increasing to more than 4.7 billion users in the beginning of April of 2021. This indicates to a 7.6 percent year on year increase. The reports tell us how the social media has grown and the platforms that are loved all around the globe.

The social media platforms got an increase in users of more than half of a billion during the last 12 months and even though this is a huge achievement for these social media platforms, the global pandemic of COVID-19 has put some sort of limit on researches and the number of users may be higher than what the reports tell. Social media users have grown more than internet users as people have found their comfort in these social media platforms but this number can also be due to the fact that the social media apps can tell the exact number of users they have. A research from GWI tells that 99 percent of the internet users are people who are from the ages of 16-64. So despite the numbers it might be possible that along with the social media users, internet users may also have increased in number. The reports tell that more than 9 in 10 people across the Northern and Western Europe and Northern America use internet but more than 3 in 4 people in Eastern Africa still don’t have any internet source. Southern Asia has more than twice the users of internet from Northern America. 21% of the internet users are from China, 13% from India and 6.3% from the United States of America.

Talking about the social media platform that has been termed as favorite, Whatsapp is the one, but even though Whatsapp is the most favorite social media platform out there, Facebook despite everything that it is going through still remains the most active social media platform. And according to the data Facebook attracts around 2.8 billion users on a monthly basis. GWI on its survey added a series of questions related to favorite social media platforms and what must also be noted is that that GWI removed YouTube from the social media platforms as it classifies it as a video platform and not a social media platform. The results of the data suggest that Whatsapp is the favorite social media platform out there; however China has been removed from the favorite social media series as China is at the moment not accessible to the social media platforms that are usually accessible to everyone in the world.

Majority of the people from all around the world have suggested that the number one reason for them using these social media platforms is mainly to stay in touch with their family and friends and none of these users chose more than one option in this category. Even though this was the option chosen by most of the people, about more than 1 in 3 users around the globe have said that they use social media platform as a form of entertainment and news.

The reports also show that more than 7 in 10 people around the world use these social media platforms or some searching tools to look up for things to buy on the internet while 45% of the people said that they turn specifically to Facebook when looking for to buy something. The data provided in the reports also indicate the type of accounts that the people follow more in these social media platforms. The people said that they follow actors, TV shows, musicians and meme accounts for entertainment purposes and most of the younger generation follow influencers on these social media platforms. The reports suggest that women that are between 16 to 24 years of age follow influencers more than 3 times than women between 55 to 64 years of age.

These results indicate of how much the social media world has developed and changed just in the course of 12 months and there is still so much to see on this platform.

Take a look at below charts for more insights:
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