Facebook sheds light on how it is dealing with the cases of racism on its platform

As the number of racism cases is increasing especially on the social platforms and mostly people of colors become a victim. It has become very difficult to control them even after making strict rules and arresting people. Recently another major incident occurred in the EURO final football match in which the 3 England football team players became the victim after their defeat against the team of Italy.

Facebook has pointed out that it is trying its best to control the racial abuse on its platform. When the England football team lost the final match, resultantly, many posts of racism came forward on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and targeted the 3 black players of the England team through emoji faces and Instagram did not really focus on that concern in the beginning. But now, after many criticisms, the Facebook platform has revised its system so that it can deal with these matters in a better way. The company is also trying to improve the system so that it can catch these remarks across its platform and it will help a lot to stop trolls too.

The company stated about the football players that were the victim of racial abuse and said that this matter is very severe and the platform is working to control it for many years. The company has faced many encounters in this regard but still, it has also worked with many football organizations and other law prosecutors. At the start of 2021, many users of Instagram posted about the racism against many football players of England’s franchises teams. The management of these franchises teams fated these issues and ask the parent company to increase its efforts to stop these abuses on social media platforms. In response, Instagram made a policy of imposing heavy punishments on those who are involved in racism through Direct Messages and the platform also introduced a new feature to turn off the DM from unknown users.
Still, social networks need to do more to deal with these severe issues. The main problem with the recent sad event was that the social media platform did not point out the emojis and the platform accepted its mistake in the end. The parent company Facebook has said that the platform has removed more than twenty-five million cases of hate speeches and 97 percent of that removed before these were even highlighted by the users and its owned platform Instagram deleted over 6 million hate content from the platform and more than 93 percent were not even complained by the users.

After Facebook has updated its system that assures that it will help to stop the occurrence of such types of incidents. Many officials have given a suggestion to impose a heavy fine on social network platforms if they fail to remove or point out such content involving racism and hate speech. One more suggestion came forward to put strict requirements on users’ accounts that will help to highlight those criminals. The Facebook platform said that there are some concerns with these types of requests.

This has become a big challenge for the Facebook platform because people always try to break the rules even though some strict penalties have been imposed.

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