Google takes measures to guard the searched data, users can remove the history through the "quick delete" feature

Users are now much concerned about their data and their search history, therefore, Google has rolled out a quick delete option that will allow users of iOS devices to instantly remove the search history of the past fifteen minutes. This option is currently offered to all iOS users on the Google application so far but the company has confirmed that it will roll out this feature to Android users soon. The possibility to automatically remove the searched history of users is available on the desktop version but that is restricted to every three months, eighteen months, or thirty-six months and that is a long time. The desktop version has made the auto removing option for history up to 18 months as default or users can delete the history manually.

According to the statement of search giant, the automatically removing history options can give people comfort. The auto-delete option can help a lot especially when searchers are using someone else computers, for instance, many students use the computer in their labs of universities and people use computers or devices in the office too, and they do not want to keep that history in it that might include some private searches as well.

Google is now focusing more to protect the searched history of users besides just deleting it rapidly. Through a publication recently, the company has said that it is unveiling some tools that will help a lot to guard the private history of users when they try to share their mobile devices with other persons. The latest protection tools will ensure that other person who has taken your device will not be able to take a look at your explored data. People need an additional authentication in the “My Activity” option.

With these options, users will have to provide personal details like passwords, or other 2FA before the examination of the history. The Google Company also repeated the privacy guidelines of the company to defend the users’ history on Google as well as other details. The company also reminds that the confidentiality checkup is accessible and through this checkup, people will go through the steady process. The other one is the safety check-up that will give some recommendations to users to safeguard their data through websites settings.

The company also introduced the secrecy options in the month of May so that people can manage their own information. People can also use the option to lock their images in Google photo through a pin code. The company also rolled out the history of the places that users have visited or searched but that can be turned off on the demand of users. The company also said that its Play Store will also disclose the information that it gathers from users so that can build trust.

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