Facebook Puts a Hold On Its Brain Controlled Interference Technology to Focus On Things That Align with its Current Products and Planning

How many times has it happened to you that you are thinking about something, like buying a certain product and it pops up on your Facebook timeline soon after?

It startles you, doesn’t it? That how far technology has come.

It freaks you out too, because it feels like sometimes Facebook sits inside your brain and knows what you think. It's the magic of AI-based retargeting. However, with this level of advertising, a good chunk of consumers think companies maybe tracking their microphones secretly. While some fears one day big tech companies may start reading their minds secretly as well, which is probably a goldmine of data for them. And that is probably because Facebook was in the news for its work on mind reading technologies. 

However, you can now stop worrying about all this because Facebook is backing off from its Brain Controlled Interference through which it knows what you want, what you think and what you share.

Thanks God, because sometimes it felt like Facebook would know what we want even before we wanted in the future.

This new break through of backing off from this came right after Facebook helped the researchers at USCF in creating a device for a patient who could not move or talk to communicate through a machine.

The machine helps the patient in generate words or sentences on a screen using his thoughts only. This breakthrough in science came after an implanted device which helps to decode the signals the brain sends to the vocal cord and summarizes it on a screen for the patient to communicate with those around him.

This makes us go nuts that how far in technology have we come.

However, the main focus here is not how advanced the tech world has gotten but the fact why Facebook is backing off from its Brain Controlled Interference.

Well, the thought process device we just talked about for the patient was a part of the Facebook Reality Labs which actually previewed this thought in its F8 conference and through the company’s help it came a reality.

However, while Facebook believes that this interference has a great future they are still putting a hold on to it.

Firstly, because it scares their audience knowing that the tech firm maybe updated with their thought process and also because of the fact that it wants focus on things at hand right now.

Facebook has a lot on its plate. With its AR glasses and other products which may change the outlook of the world in a different way, the tech giant wants to focus on things which are more beneficial and better for its current business and product offering and hence the Brain Controlled Interference can wait for a while.

Facebook has always been great with all its product launches and we are sure the future of tech is going to be crazy too.

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