Facebook will inform users about the removal of their posts if initiated by AI

Facebook is experimenting with a feature that will notify users if their posts deleted due to automated processes. Facebook started notifying users about the removal of their posts after Oversight Board’s recommendation that the online platform should be open to users and clear out everything regarding their posts.

The updated criteria was disclosed in a latest study from Facebook that gives insights regarding how the Oversight Board's action plans are being implemented. Oversight Board looked into this matter for the first time when a post regarding breast cancer awareness was taken down from Instagram due to nudity restrictions. In response to this action, Oversight Board suggested Facebook to at least inform users after deleting any post. The post was recovered by Facebook, which said its automated algorithms had got it wrong, and Instagram's restrictions were changed to permit nudity that is intended for good cause.

However, the Oversight Board suggested that Facebook inform people whenever a post had taken away by automated means instead of a human content reviewer. Facebook had earlier stated that it will put this modification to the test, and it has now done so.

In its study, Facebook stated that they have initiated a test on Facebook to analyze the effects of alerting users more clearly if automation was engaged in action. Individuals joining the test can also observe when their content was removed by algorithms or by a Facebook content moderator. Furthermore, they will look at the data to determine if consumers have a better grasp of who deleted their stuff, as well as the number of complaints have increased or not. The company also said that an evaluation on the test will be provided later this year.

The research also revealed further information about the company's collaboration with the Oversight Board. According to the study, it brought 26 issues to the panel during November 2020 and March 2021, but it only opted to pick up three of them, and one of those was in reaction to Donald Trump's ban. Despite the fact, that the Oversight Board inspected only 3 cases but the judgements would resulted in modifications in Facebook’s rules and restrictions that could have considerably greater impact. Unfortunately, Facebook has refused to implement certain of its policy recommendations, including one that in which Facebook investigate its own position in allowing the actions of January 6th.

According to their blog post, the magnitude and range of the board's suggestions extend far above the policy guidelines that the company expected when they created the board.

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