Twitter finally releases captions for voice tweets after a year of their launch

Twitter has been a subject of mockery due to the lack of captions for its voice tweets.

Twitter launched the ability to make a voice tweet back in 2020 however there were no captions, meaning the new feature was language-sensitive. The lack of captions received wholesome criticism from all regions.

This led to the most recent Twitter update, the launch voice tweets captions. It is still quite disappointing how only iOS users can access them. Twitter even focused on the diversity front by enabling the captions to be generated in several different languages. This includes English, Arabic, Hindi, French, Italian, and Turkish among others.

The captions are a direct result of the language settings of your device. This means if your device is set for English while you are Korean, the results will not be as desired. To get accurate results, you will need to enable the same language in your phone as you expect from the captions.

The captions symbol is similar to that found on YouTube. To enable the captions, one needs to click on the CC icon. This will make the captions emerge but will only be limited to the new tweets. Old tweets are to remain caption-less for eternity.

The main reason for the absence of captions for these tweets from the platform is because there was no team formed for accessibility. According to some sources, at the time, Twitter employees had to give up their own time to volunteer for this feature. Since it was different from what Twitter had previously offered, employees were eager for the feature to work out, and although it received ample criticism, it was widely appreciated as well.

Now, Twitter claims to have formed a proper team for the feature. These voice tweets and the captions generated for them have a separate set of people working for them to ensure 100% accuracy and accessibility. These teams were established back in September hence the reason behind the launch of the update.

Twitter claims the feature is a part of its strategy to make Twitter accessible for everyone. The feature has been rolled out to iOS users and will soon be accessible to Android users as well. Furthermore, the platform claimed that the feature will be unstable for the time being, no comments on its perfection, however, is a big step forward.

Twitter aims to continue expanding the platform and providing the best services to users worldwide. Since Twitter is already one of the leading platforms, the bar is high and we are ready to get some new updates already!

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