Facebook is rolling out a new prayer request post feature for Facebook groups

Facebook is a social platform that was built to make communities and people feel closer to each other even if they are very far away from each other, helps friends and families socialize and we all know that Facebook does this job perfectly. People all over the world connect to their friends and family through Facebook and share different parts and experiences of their life’s on the platform.

Most people have a belief that prayers and faith have the power to change things, people use Facebook to ask for prayers for them or their loved ones, most people use their personal profiles to ask their Facebook friends for prayers while others use Facebook groups with thousands of people.

Facebook is being used to ask for prayers for a long time now, people on Facebook post asking for prayers of recovery of a loved one suffering from a disease or a prayer for the dead.

However, with the drastic rise in the number of people affected by the deadly COVID-19 virus, the number of Facebook posts requesting for prayers also increased. People started asking their Facebook friends to pray for their recovery or to pray for someone that died due to the virus.

Facebook noticed this and is now rolling out a new feature, as spotted by a few users including Robert P. Jones@YangMeFaitRire and Matt Navarra, that would help people to ask for a prayer in Facebook groups. Group members can post a prayer request and other group members can respond to it in many ways including a pray button, pressing the pray button would let the person which requested a prayer that you have prayed for them.

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Group administrators would have complete control of whether or not to allow the prayer feature in their group and members can only posts prayer request if the admin allows it.

A spokesperson at Facebook said that they started testing this feature back in December of 2020, after they saw that many faith and spirituality communities were using Facebook to ask for prayers. In addition, he said that people can respond to prayer request by reacting, commenting and even sending a private message.

Back in April another Facebook’s spokesperson said that they are testing the feature within a subset of groups in the Unites States only. The availability of this feature in other countries and groups is still unknown.

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  1. It's a great idea! Please offer this option. I live in the UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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