How Important is Wi-Fi When Traveling? Americans Sound Off

It goes without saying that Americans’ digital presence and reliance on staying connected is increasing by the day. That’s why good Wi-Fi (or some call it internet) can be the deciding factor for them while booking a trip.

With the world opening up again, it’s safe to say that traveling is officially back. As per a HighSpeedInternet study, over 8 in 10 Americans (84%) claim that they’d be less likely to book short-term rentals if they have poor internet reviews. The same percentage of respondents also stated that if a listing has a screenshot of its internet speed test results posted, they would be more likely to make a reservation there.

In a survey of more than 1,000 people, almost 74% expressed that Wi-Fi was an integral part of their travel plans with 43% touting it as very important and 30% deeming it essential.

The only positive thing to come out of the pandemic is the normalization of the remote working culture. This has been a big deal for the Americans.

Moreover, countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Barbados have turned themselves into ideal destinations for “digital nomads.” Over 60% of the survey participants claimed that they booked hotels or short-term rentals via Airbnb and other similar services to work remotely. So, it goes without saying how important decent Wi-Fi must have been (and is) for them.

The pandemic and the restrictions it brought along have taken a severe toll on everyone over the last year and a half. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer for people to want a change in scenery and travel to different places for either work or personal reasons.

So, if you are planning to go on a work trip or a vacation, keep the US and other countries with premium internet services at the top of your list because Wi-Fi will be a prominent part of your getaway.

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