TikTok's current focus is on creating a more user-friendly and secure livestream experience

TikTok has been trying to 'up' its game and succeeding to come to par with older flourishing platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It has successfully leveled up to its competitor platform YouTube by having an increased screen time to date. The platform is now trying to improve its live stream features although the primary focus still remains on the 1 minute videos that are starting to turn into 3 minute ones.

Firstly, TikTok aims to upgrade its environment to make it a user-friendly platform, appropriate for all. Secondly, TikTok is trying to make live streams easier to control while adding more tools to increase efficiency and creativity.

For creating a more secure and safe environment, TikTok has introduced various tools that support and promote kindness. For instance, it will now show a pop-up notification whenever a user is about to post something inappropriate. This is an initiative to combat unkind and rude comments by awakening people's consciousness however its a choice of the users whether to carry on with the harmful posting or take the better route.

When it comes to livestreams, users would be able to assign a person as a moderator to control the activity while the host can focus solely on their content. This is a great idea since blocking out viewers while conducting a live stream has to be the hardest thing about TikTok yet.

TikTok also made sure to increase the security barrier that would prevent any breaches to go through by allowing users to add up to 200 entries in the keyword filter. This would funnel out all potential harmful or hate comments.

Furthermore, TikTok decided to give out more control to all users to expand the number of people on watch. While this may result in a 'cleaner' and secure environment, it might also potentially result in chaos. The platform will now allow both hosts and viewers to delete comments as well as mute unkind users. The feature will roll out soon.

TikTok focused largely on live streams in its new update for it also improved the ability to locate livestreams. With the help of this new update, users will easily find live streams in the 'For You' page.

It launched a scheduling feature for users a while back along with a 'Go Live Together' that allows two users to conduct a joint live session. Joint live sessions were introduced by Instagram not long ago so considering how TikTok isn't that old, the fact that it already established a similar feature is indeed a great feat.

TikTok continues to bring similar complementary features to the platform to enhance user experience. While it focused more on creating a friendly and safe environment along with livelier and secure live streams this time around, we speculate it would launch future updates on its main objective, the videos.

The question here is, with TikTok creating apps similar to other platforms like updating live streams and other platforms launching features identical to TikTok like Instagram reels and Snapchat spotlights, will the world of social media soon be a monotonous box of similar platforms?

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