A sneak peek into the latest developments on the Twitter platform

The dove has taken over the social media monopoly and in the Post-Covid world can be termed as not only the most widely used social media platform but one that has the most authenticity and an official communication platform for many users. The credibility and creativity shown on Twitter exceeds all other platforms and often seems like not just a source of laughter or catching up with friends, but also one that is active in reforming the world. From 2002, the ousting of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt to the Black Lives Matter and banning of Donald J. Trump’s account, Twitter is at the front lines always when the revolution is near.

For a closer look as to what makes the revolutions on Twitter so successful and having an insight as to what developments are taking place to further the strength of Twitter Users, researcher Nimi Owji and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi made efforts to find out what was happening inside the think tank at Twitter. To their avail, the duo discovered several updates and new features that Twitter is working on and intends to introduce to the users on the platform.

The first update, as per Paluzzi, running the news included the mention of a feature that would identify the industry that the user was affiliated with and this came under the heading of Twitter for Professionals. Although we are unaware of what Twitter for professionals beholds, but from its UI it appears to be a clone of Instagram's business/creator mode to help users decide which category they belong.
This update could be one of those mentioned by Twitter as an addition to its about page when it introduced an updated blue tick verification system in May. Nima Owji came across another interesting update that mentions and banks on the ability of the user to mute Direct Messages or DMs of other users.

This update would have the muted user be brought down to a separate list after all the DMs to make sure any annoyance caused does not disturb the user. Another update in the list, although not fully confirmed is one where Twitter allows users to subscribe to Newsletters, in this case specifically Revue’s, however, there is ambiguity as to whether it would or would not be released to the general public.

The availability of updates is still a question mark as it was only fairly recently that Twitter allowed its users to edit a tweet and change the settings to disallow certain users from interacting with their posts and tweets. We are still awaiting word on the candidacy of these updates and will confirm how practical these are.

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