Facebook is about to launch ‘Soundmojis’ on Messenger - the talking version of the emojis

Your sleep emoji can now actually yawn when sent.

Facebook has been dropping off bombs here and thereby launching the best features in town. If you're in doubt, check out its new sound version of emojis. Facebook promises to launch the audio version of emojis in the coming days.

The new feature goes by the name of ‘Soundmojis’ and is said to launch no later than the world emoji day on 17th July 2021. The feature bags all your favorite emojis but with sounds as well. The feature can be easily accessed and used in chats, a rather called-for necessity since more than 24 billion messages sent every day on messenger are emojis alone.

Now half of these 24 billion emojis sent every day will be able to talk as claimed by the platform. This means your usual tap-tap sound will now be accompanied by a whole lot of other sounds. Trust us, they will add life to your usually boring messenger conversations.

Now you must be imagining how these might function and you’re wrong if you believe the emojis will start moving or talking. Your texts will be accompanied by a small voice note featuring the ‘sound’ of the emoji. They can either make a drumroll sound or maybe a clap, depending on the emoji you sent.

What's interesting is that the emojis also feature some of your favorite stars hence their voices will be sent along with the emojis. This includes Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99 and Betty Cooper from Riverdale. Get ready to spam your friends with all the Netflix stars. The Soundmojis also consist of stars and artists from different movies like Star Trek and Harry Potter.

To find them, you need to find the smiley face icon. This is the usual emoji icon hence easy to locate, then you will head over to the loudspeaker symbol. This harbors all the new emojis with the sounds. You can listen to the sound by tapping on the loudspeaker icon. Select one of your choices and get chatting.

Facebook claims the Soundmoji library will be updated regularly with new sounds and emojis from all over the internet. So if you can’t find your favorite character just yet, it won’t be long until it shows up too. Since the feature will reportedly roll out on the 17th, it won’t be long until you will spot it in your device as well.

Lastly, we are elated to announce that Emojipedia will be launching a whole set of new emojis soon. The supposed roll-out date is 17th, on the world emoji day, and will consist of emojis like the melting face and coral.

We can’t wait for both of these to be on our devices already and spam our friends with the best emojis in town. For further updates, stay connected.

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