Twitter announces that it will soon end the ‘Fleets’ feature

In the past few years a lot of social networks have come up with features that allows users to post something that will disappear a few hours after it is posted and will not stay there permanently, this concept was first brought in by Snapchat. Snapchat has a feature that deletes your chat automatically after you close the app, this particular Snapchat feature made the application gain a lot of popularity, this made a lot of different social platforms come up with their own versions of this feature and almost all of them made something that was impressive.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allowed its users to make a post and stories that stays for 24 hours and then automatically deletes, Twitter also thought of bringing out something like this and then in the November of 2020 launched ‘Fleets’, Fleets allowed users on Twitter to make Tweets that automatically deletes itself after 24 hours. Twitter’s reasoning behind the release of this feature at the time was that a feature like this would encourage users who shy away from tweeting much to voice their opinion since the fact that it would disappear after 24 hours would make them feel much more comfortable tweeting.

Twitter branded fleets as a feature that allows you to tweet something that you have always wanted to, however, the new feature was a fail, people didn’t used the feature much and it was a feature that most Twitter users disliked, the primary reason for this is that fleets seemed like a product that is very different from other of Twitter features and its core use, Fleet was something that didn’t quite matched with Twitter. Rather than being a place where users could make Tweets that disappear, Fleets became a place where users temporarily dumped their photos and videos.

Twitter believes that the purpose of Fleets was to encourage users that do not tweet to speak out however Fleet’s was only being used by people that already tweeted a lot on the platform thus failing to serve its original purpose.

After a few months of Fleets release, Twitter has now decided to end the feature. Twitter on Wednesday announced that it would delete the Fleets feature on 3rd August.

Twitter Fleet’s failure could possibly be a reason for the company to not achieve its goal of 315 million daily users since in order to do that it needs more people that don’t prefer voicing their opinion in public to come out. Twitter even after the failure of Fleets seem to be enthusiastic about the future, Twitter in a statement said that they will now look for more ways they can get shy people to come out and speak on the platform.

Photo: DeFodi Images via Getty Images

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