Windows 11 has finally made its appearance in the OS world and the company has high hopes with it

When the whole world had accepted the fact that Windows 10 will be the last release of Windows Operating System and will gradually get updates in the software itself for free, Windows once again came back with another news which completely pushed this one down the rug.

The software house, earlier this June announced that Windows 10 will not be the last version of Windows and the company will be launching a new version on 24th June in an online event.

That date has come and passed and Microsoft has unleashed its new Windows version which will be launched to developers sometime in the next few days.

While Windows 10 was supposed to be the software which brought a change in technology, it did not lead up to user expectations. Though the software was great there were some places where it lacked and needed more development. Including this fact, Windows also released another software version because of the increasing competition it was getting in the market from Apple and Google.

But now according to Windows, this new version of Windows 11 is made using the same base method of Windows 10 with better improvements and smaller but quick updates in security.

The new Windows will allow Android applications run on its system as well as simultaneously work on multiple systems for work, gaming or other tasks.

Similar to how Windows 10 updates were not to be bought and was updates automatically unlike its previous versions, Windows 11 is just the same.

The new software will automatically be updated on the computers of all 1.3 billion users currently using Windows 10, however in some rare cases the update might fail because of some specifications issues. Any computer with a minimum 64 GB storage and 4GB Ram will be eligible for the update.

According to the executives at the company the launch of this Windows version will be a huge step in the history of technology and the tech firm has promised that it will try to share more profits that it makes from App Store with the creators and developers that work with them.

Windows 10 will stop updating as of October 2025 and no new updates will be released after that.

Windows 11 is bringing new hopes for people in the world of technology and we cannot wait to see how well it does and will it sit on the promises Windows has made.

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