Google will inform users when search results are unreliable, aiming to increase awareness

Google is opting for a more honest approach and we are all for it.

Since becoming authentic is the new trend, Google decided to join in as well by deciding to notify users when it does not have search engine results instead of just picking out anything even slightly relevant.

Since media online is actively evolving and is a major source of false rubble, it is indeed a great initiative to sort out what's reliable from what's unreliable. As the leading search engine, the decision to do so is quite a responsible one which will elevate the popularity of the site. Next time, you would know if the UFO sighting was real or a facade.

The new feature, for now, is only a part of new trending searches that are developing at the moment. Furthermore, the search engine will show a message declaring that the subject of interest could be new which possibly might result in a lower amount of data, hence producing inaccurate results.

In the recent surge of misinformation being spread, taking the pandemic as the most prominent example, platforms like Facebook, Google, and such have been particularly worried about being a source of such misdemeanor. Of course, the sites realize their responsibility towards society and have been taking appropriate measures against it.

While many platforms have started blocking out any accounts, no matter how influential, that spread false information, Google settled to spread out warning signs instead of removing any of its audience. People might consider this as giving a second chance hence being humble but we think Google is being a tad bit too lenient and giving ways to people committing evil acts over and over. It is though, without a doubt, that Google's approach is more beneficial when it comes to spreading awareness in the long run.

Since Google is an open platform - being everyone’s canvas, it cannot stop people from posting any info. Furthermore, it also is a very exhausting job to filter out all the content which is why Google is resorting to labeling new data as neither right nor wrong but merely unreliable at the moment until sources have been confirmed.

Google has been working on improving its search results for a while now with the last two updates launched in 2020 and 2021. Both the updates, along with this one, are primarily aimed to increase user literacy hence creating a more aware environment.

Although it is unclear how Google is going to work the process out, one thing is for sure that the engine would contribute largely to preventing the spread of faux information. The reliability of this ‘reliability search’ is yet doubtful and we have yet to see how things turn out.

For now, we are quite appalled by Google’s constructive intentions and hope to see the service roll out to everyone soon enough.

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