Windows 10 is not the last version to be released as it was expected to be, as Microsoft announces a new OS to be launched this month

Windows is planning to release its new operating system software when we all thought that Windows 10 was going to be its last. When Microsoft in 2015 released its Windows 10, it stopped the release of updates of its predecessor after five years in 2020, however, it still gave out paid updates to businesses for Microsoft 7 Enterprise’s and Professional.

The company at the time of the release of Microsoft 10 claimed it to be the new evolution in technology where it updated Microsoft 10 new OS versions in the software without any charge, unlike its previous operating systems where updates were released in the new OS and were to be bought.

However, when we all had accepted the fact that this is going to be the last update and OS from Microsoft, the company came forward with a breaking news. It has now been announced that Microsoft at an online event will release its new Windows. The new Windows is expected to drop on June 24th in the presence of two main representatives of Windows. The updates for Windows 10 will be stopped for the public on 14th October 2025 for both the Home and the Pro versions.

The new operating system which will be launched will not contain a number next to Windows as all its previous versions did like Windows 10 or Windows 7, however, though people expected its name to be Windows 11, that is not the case. According to the company the new Windows will be labelled with a name of its own.

When asked that why the company is releasing another set of OS when it said its current software version will be the last one to be released, it said that the competition in the tech world has increased not only with Apple but with Google as well and considering the PC sales in the market, because Google’s new Chromebook which are being released with its own Google Chrome OS, is giving a strong competition to Microsoft to Windows Operating System.

Apart from this many people believe that this new operating system release is also due to the fact that though Windows 10 was promised to be a new era in technology, it did not lead up to the expectations that people held and the company promised. After the release of Windows 10, users complained that they had lost files and even reported problems with emails, Wi-Fi connectivity and printings. It was then even revealed by the French Data Authority that this version of Windows collected an unimaginable amount of data on users and many people just did not like it all together. Hence, Windows probably wanted not to end their lineage on such a note and continued releasing new operating system software’s along with the fact that there is a lot of competition in the tech world now.

The release of the new Windows version is near and we sincerely hope that when this happens, it will be up to the expectations of the users.

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