Covid-19 pandemic made people to turn towards live streaming and live viewing on YouTube

The mega video sharing hub YouTube is famous for giving rise to a whole new world for getting connected with others. During the Covid19 pandemic, the platform started hosting new kind of events through live sessions. These trends included "study with me" or "clean with me" kind of videos.

According to the blog post of marketing manager for YouTube advertisement, Gina Shalavi, this platform is playing an important role to make its users feel connected which according to her is a basic human requirement. YouTube has helped to build many communities. This feeling of connection and community building attracts advertising companies who can use their skills to create a deeper impact on the users.

She further added that before pandemic there were many ways that can help initiating conversation with others such as finding a stranger in a wedding through which one could connect. Also in stadium where fans would cheer up for their favorite team while their players are on ground. All these connections stopped existing as the world fell for Covid19 and lockdown took over. At a time like this, online platforms became the source to fill the empty spaces. This was done by watching the same thing with others simultaneously. Though it was a virtual experience but as Shalavi said, it was enough to make others feel connected.
almost 85% of the YouTube community had seen the live streaming over the year
Importance of such user interactive videos was highlighted after it was revealed that  of Perseverance Rover of NASA landing on Martian soil. This live stream was able to reach more than two million live views.

This type of Live stream is one its kind. Other kind of events also took place simultaneously in which content creators posted pre recorded videos of their daily activities and users enjoyed watching it as it gave a feeling of connection and community while watching it with others. According to YouTube, such videos were able to fetch more than 2 billion views all over the world in just one year.

The biggest advantage for the creators during the pandemic was that now they were not forced to show any unrealistic daily life portrait instead it was all natural as things shifted from offices to home. This reduced the workload for being creative every time. The advertisement manager wrote that the use of such media that interacts with multiple senses simultaneously is getting famous day by day this is because it is providing a better experience to its users. This is why South African dance challenge is one of the biggest trending topic which received more than 600M views.

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