YouTube starts testing new policy violation emails which include time stamps and reasons, thus offering more transparency

YouTube is an amazing platform with millions of videos, one can find videos on almost any topic on the platform. Being the biggest video platform, YouTube sure does makes a lot of ways for its creators to monetize their content and earn through it, which makes it the favorite platform of almost every video creator, however there are certain aspects about the platform that its creators really dislike.

One such problem is the YouTube’s policy and its violations, creators on the platform have to be really careful all the time and make sure that they don’t violate any of YouTube’s policy since any video that is found to violate the platforms policy is usually removed or if not removed ‘demonetized’ which means that the video stops generating ad revenue for the creator.

YouTube is really strict when it comes to any creator violating their policy, the platform also has a rule of deleting any channel that gets more than three strikes that violate their terms and condition. This removal of content and the fear of getting deleted from the platform makes the creators on YouTube really conscious of what they include into their video, well these strict rules surely does benefit the platform by making it much safe for people belonging to all age groups, genders, races etc. However, creators think that these strict policies and removal of content sometimes limit them and that they should be removed.

If you are a creator on YouTube, then you might have experienced a day where you worked hard on creating a video and then uploaded it and later got an email from YouTube which stated that your video has been removed for violating our policy, well it sure does feel bad for getting something you worked so hard for getting removed without you knowing the reason behind it. Many creators on YouTube have protested on the matter and requested the platform to tell them the exact reason for their video being removed.

Creators believe that if the platform tells them the reason for their video being removed, it would help them in the future since they would avoid anything that previously got their content removed.

Well now things are likely to change for creators on YouTube, since the platform has started testing emails that include timestamp of the part of the video that violated their policy moreover the email will also include the policy that was violated making it more clear for the creator.

Apart from the violated policies the email will also include links to resources that will help the creator once a video gets removed or demonetized for violating YouTube’s policies thus helping the creator. The new version of the policy violation emails will surely be better than its previous versions that offered no transparency.

These emails are only in the testing phase and not available for all creators and policies but once released will sure be a sigh of relief for creators on YouTube.

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