Whatsapp has announced to launch 3 new features in a recent interview with WABetaInfo

Whatsapp has finally hinted at some of its most anticipated features and people are beyond excited!

The Facebook-owned messaging app, Whatsapp has not made any official announcements regarding new features for users for a while now, however in an interview with WABetaInfo today, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg shone light on not one but three different features that will be launched soon.

The CEO proudly announced the arrival of two new modes including the disappearing mode and the view-once mode which has us beaming from end to end. Both these features will tend to save space and secure privacy in a single shot!

Furthermore, the much awaited beta-testing multi-device support tests will be started in the coming weeks and if it is a success, it is indeed going to take the world by a storm. We are exhilarated with even the thought of having Whatsapp on multiple devices without the obligation of having WiFi on your primary device.

The disappearing mode was introduced a while back in November when texts older than 7 days were automatically deleted. Although the feature did not gain much response, it is back again with a new twist. The feature will now allow all texts to disappear in a chat and we have even noticed new rumors in the air of the launch of a 24-hour option. This will reportedly cause sent texts to self-destruct after 24 hours.

It is quite noticeable how Whatsapp strives to keep up with the features of it’s competing platforms Snapchat and Instagram and has been noticed to have adopted several similar ones like the 24-hour status update. Although it wasn’t as well received as expected, it did cause some stir and Whatsapp is back at it again.

We are well familiar with the concept of viewing pictures and videos once on Snapchat and Instagram. According to the interview today, Zuckerburg announced that Whatsapp will showcase the view-once feature as well for pictures and videos where they will disappear from the chat once they’re opened up. The CEO claims that this initiative will help the platform to attain their prime goal - becoming the most private and secure platform, however, we doubt its success as the feature does not notify the sender if the recipient sneakily took screenshots of the sent pictures. Yes, it is a step forward but we wouldn’t want our pictures saved without our knowledge when they were meant to be viewed just once.

Lastly, the update we are most excited about, the multi device support. When asked about this feature, Will Cathart (the head of Whatsapp) replied that the issue has indeed been a great technical challenge as syncing texts across all devices has been a task next to impossible. However, Whatsapp did manage to finish it with triumph and now promises to launch the feature in the next two months.

We are quite impressed by the company’s efforts as connecting multiple devices without WiFi on the primary device does seem like a hard task. Whatsapp also promises to introduce iPad support which will enable 4 devices to be connected simultaneously.

We are thrilled by these announcements and look forward to the launch of these features. Do you think they will be as exquisite as Whatsapp vows? Let us know in the comments below.

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