Instagram Is Adding More Tools To Help Navigating Through Branded Content

Instagram has made a few new additions to its Branded Content tools, allowing creators on the platform a better footing. It's also creating a Monetization Help sub-menu, offering further accessibility to brands and individuals.

Instagram's been gunning for establishing content creators on its platform for a while now. Just recently, for example, the company had introduced the inclusion of branded items and shops on the platform, allowing content creators to sell and market their own merchandise. It's a smart move too. YouTube's made the career of a lifetime simply on the basis of advertising revenue generated by these individuals. TikTok itself is also a burgeoning marketplace, owing to it's endless list of appealing content creators. Clearly, Instagram wants in. Even the introduction of tools such as Reels, while very blatantly aiming to compete with TikTok, do have the secondary effect of allowing creators on Instagram another platform to stand on.

So, what are the new tools and interface revamps? To start us off, creators on Instagram can now tag up to two brands in a single piece of content. This can allow influencers and the like to really capitalize on tie in deals and sponsorships. Brands, on the other end, will also be informed of being tagged with other brands before any integrated messages are agreed upon.

The next feature is that Instagram will now allow content creators to publish branded content without the brand's prior approval. Brands can approve deals even after the post is up, following which their name will start to appear on posts. This way, users can forego the long waiting times to interact with brands, making for a more streamlined and easier experience.

Creators can now also officially place requests with brand members from their Settings menu. Brands will, in turn, be allowed to observe the piece of media in which they're featured. The brands also hold the ultimate say so with how their name is being utilized within a creator's content.

Finally, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is also setting up a Monetization Help section in its Help menu. The submenu offers two options to content creators. The first is a hotline directly connecting them to Contact Support. It's a helpline that allows content creators to clear up muddled interests. The second, Branded Content, aims to wrap up queries that people may have with regards to the branding of their personal content on Instagram.

With these tools and functionality, Instagram heavily addresses it's big content creator push. Hopefully it's an endeavor that turns out successful for the many creators looking to make a living on the platform.

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