YouTube Starts Showing Creators Significantly More Analytics

YouTube prides itself on being a platform where creators can come and earn a significant amount of money and potentially even turn their creative pursuits into full time careers and the like. A major problem that a lot of creators face is that they often don’t get the kind of analytics they need in order to obtain a better understanding of the direction in which their channel might be headed, but the good news here is that YouTube has implemented an update that will make it so that a lot more analytics will now be available to creators to peruse.

The first update that’s coming has to do with membership metrics. Creators will now be able to see the change in total number of paying channel members over time as well as details about membership cancellations among other valuable bits of data. Channel memberships are YouTube’s attempt to allow creators to receive income directly from their audience, and providing more analytics can help creators to better understand how they can maximize all possible revenue that would potentially be available to them from this source.

One feature that was available to creators on desktop that mobile users did not get the chance to use was a dual card setup at the bottom of the audience tab that showed up to fifteen videos or channels that your audience might be engaging with. Mobile users are now finally going to be able to use these cards, and this can enable them to figure out what their competition is doing so that they could potentially end up doing the same or at the very least changing up their own practices to avoid lagging behind and losing out on potential future growth in the process.

Creators generally get features on desktop first, and one such feature that is incorporated into the current update is an expanded video performance section in the video overview tab. Another thing that creators might appreciate is a page where they can look at consistently updated geographic CPM metrics. Views from different parts of the world are going to offer different levels of value to creators, so this feature can definitely help them target those areas that might be most profitable.

Finally, engagement metrics will now be offered for the various posts that you might be putting up for your channel members. All of these analytics are really important, and the fact that so many updates are now being implemented might indicate that YouTube is finally starting to take its responsibility seriously in this regard which is something that really wasn’t the case previously which made the lives of content creators unnecessarily difficult.

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