Beta app researcher brings new details on Whatsapp's most awaited multi-device support feature

The update from Whatsapp for its users for the year 2021 is the highly anticipated multi device feature. WABetainfo that posts news and updates related to Whatsapp recently has provided new details on to what the multi device support of the social media app will bring. The multi device feature is the most exciting feature that is coming. This feature will allow users to have access to their same Whatsapp account through multiple devices at once without the need of an active internet connection on the main device. This feature will definitely help people all around the world and is a very innovative creation on Whatsapp’s part.

However, there will be reportedly two variants to this multi device feature to be tested. One variant will allow the users to use their Whatsapp account from their desktop or browser without the need of their phone or an active internet connection, and the other variant will allow users to use Whatsapp from multiple devices all at once. This means that the all the chats and data from one device won’t be migrated to the other device but instead the two devices will be in sync with each other. However, there are rules that apply to this synchronization. For example, if you delete a chat on one device, the chat will not get deleted on the other device that is in sync with the first once. Likewise if you delete a message for everyone, the same will not happen on the other device or devices. So if you are to use the multi device feature, messages or chats deleted from one device will get deleted on the other devices using your Whatsapp account only if you do the same on other devices that are in sync.

Whatsapp is at the moment still working on its multi device feature and this hasn’t even been available to Whatsapp’s beta users, so therefore, there might be some alteration to this syncing feature and other features that are to release with this. Whatsapp is even planning onto offer a public beta for Whatsapp Web to allow their users to try this feature out. No release date for the multi device feature has been announced yet but the speed at which Whatsapp is working, this feature is to soon make its round throughout the world!

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