Facebook is rolling out new messaging response features into the business API system of WhatsApp that will enable brands to enhance the relationship with customers

WhatsApp is the number 1 messaging app with more than two billion users from all over the world where people can connect with their friends and family, create groups, share pictures, and videos. Not only that, but WhatsApp also provides many features to businesses to build a strong connection with their customers, for instance, it rolled out a feature of online shopping, and an online payment method to increase the business activities on this platform. Now, Facebook is rolling out a new messaging reply option into the WhatsApp business API system to enhance the association between businesses and customers.

WhatsApp stated that it was very difficult for enterprises to respond and make different announcements to their customers on a timely basis, but now, after the launch of the latest messaging categories, businesses can now inform their customers about the product that is available in inventory. This latest option is simple to understand by taking an example, some health organizations send health tips and advice to people on regular basis about the pandemic situation that can be very effective. These different types of messaging options can help many businesses to send updates about the availability of their stock and this can build a strong connection with customers.

Facebook understands that these messages can be used as spam that can be more disturbing than random ads, Facebook values the privacy of customers, therefore, it has included a few types of messages that brands can use to target different customers. It can be very challenging for the platform to deal with such types of spam, but Facebook is trying its best to spread awareness about the features that can help not only in expanding the commercial activities on the platform, and it can also benefit the customers.

This messaging app is also bringing a fast response option for many businesses to help them reply to the related messages in timely manner. This latest messaging option will provide ten different options that people can use to select a response from three options that can save time via the business API account of the app. Facebook already provided the related feature in its Messenger app. This could be the best time for many businesses to connect with more than two billion users, and the app is also creating more tools for the enhancement of businesses on this platform in India that is the biggest market with over 456 million users. Facebook has to create a balance between the privacy of users and giving an opportunity to businesses to openly use this app during their operations.

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