Twitter Is Launching Its Subscription Based Service, Twitter Blue, In Canada And Australia

Twitter is officially launching its premium service, Twitter Blue, in Australia and Canada, starting from this week.

On the 3rd of June, 2021, Twitter finally got its subscription based interface online and available to the public. This service has been speculated after for quite a while. It was first brought up by social media researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who tweeted out screenshots and evidence. The service immediately drew comparisons to YouTube Red, another subscription based service by YouTube (though it has since been renamed to Originals). Other than the nomenclature of the company's name being followed by their defining color, both services offer a slew of tools that can make the online experience more convenient to navigate. While YouTube Red and Originals has been the brunt of much public criticism from the community, we've still to note if Twitter Blue will fare any differently.

But what does Twitter Blue even offer to it's paying subscribers? Well, the first tool it offers relates to the online platform's Bookmarks. Bookmarks, for those unaware, are folders that users can save tweets in. Categories such as Funny, Cute, and Movies can be created to store interesting tweets in a clean pile. Under Twitter Blue, however, the pile can be made even cleaner. It adds the ability to make sub folders in Bookmarks. To compound upon that ability, the Bookmarks folders and sub folders can also be color coded in order to make way for easier navigation.

The second tool takes the form of a new Reader mode. This feature was also wildly speculated at by the online community. Mostly because Twitter had purchased Scroll, a reading service that acts to declutter an individual's online space by removing ads and other pop-ups. Following Scroll's acquisition, the company CEO Tony Haile even stated that Twitter would be incorporating Scroll's services in a subscription package down the line. Reader is essentially aimed towards making longer tweets easier to read, and will be incorporating Scroll's features in the near future.

Scroll's most talked about feature, the ability to undo tweets, is also Blue's crowning jewel. No longer do individuals have to worry about having forgotten to tag a friend or the like. Their tweets can easily be taken back and edited before others even notice. There's not much else to it, but as many netizens would tell you, it's all that was needed.

Twitter Blue is currently available for CAD $3.49 in Canada, or AUS $4.49, all paid for in the US taxpayers, nice.

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