Twitter is working on developing new features to make Spaces better and win over other competitors

Clubhouse was released in the April of 2020 and was an instant success, for those that don’t know, clubhouse is an invitation only app that allows users to create live audio rooms with participation capacity of thousands of people. The success of Clubhouse shocked many giants in the social apps industry and unveiled the potential that audio based feature have and thus many platforms started to work on adding features that club house offered.

Both the popularity and downloads of Clubhouse started to decrease when social apps started to offer similar features, Twitter is one of the social app that did so. Soon after the success of Clubhouse, Twitter released a new feature named ‘Spaces’ on its platform which allows people to have live audio chats just like Clubhouse. Twitter have since then been adding a lot of new features into the Spaces feature so that Spaces stands out from its competitors and wins the maximum percentage of the live audio chat market.

Twitter have been working on developing a new tab on mobile devices that would help make Spaces more discoverable for users, this new tab will be completely dedicated to Spaces and will tell users of the current live audio chats on Spaces, that way it would be easier for users to choose and join any live audio chat. The button to open the tab will be placed in the function bar present at the bottom of the screen. Twitter have made several versions of the tab and all of them are being tested.

Making Spaces discoverable on the platform is one of the biggest challenge Twitter is facing right now since anyone with over 600 followers can be a host to a Spaces live. With so many people being live on Spaces it would make it difficult for people to find and join a spaces live that they want to watch. To solve this problem Twitter has also started to form a purple circle around the profile picture of people that are live on Spaces, apart from that the new tab will also greatly help with this problem as it is expected to suggest user’s different spaces live based on their preferences.
Solving the discoverability problem of Spaces is extremely crucial for Twitter right now as it faces serious competition from platforms like Reddit which has different sub groups that people join based on their interests, live audio meetings would be held within these sub groups. It is now important for Twitter to suggest people Spaces live based on their interests or else they would lose to competitors like Reddit.

Apart from working on making Spaces discoverable Twitter has also been working on a lot of features to make Spaces more enjoyable and easy to use, the company have two new updates planned for Spaces. One of the new update to Spaces will allow hosts to edit schedule of their Spaces. The other update will allow spaces hosts to remove any pinned post from their live and will also allow speakers to remove any tweet that they shared on the live. This would make discussions on Tweets and other topics less clustered and much more enjoyable for users.

Users will soon be able to see some interesting new features on Spaces, these features will surely make user experience better and will attract a lot of users to the Twitter Spaces feature.

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