The New Google Chrome 91 Update Has Enhanced Safe Browsing Features that Will Warn You Before You Install Untrusted Extensions And Suspicious Files

Ever since the advent of the web, there has been an ever-increasing number of privacy and security issues as well, with identity theft and cybercrimes being conducted all around the sphere. With the recent rise in such events and people being more concerned than ever, Google has been making way for new changes to give some relief to users worldwide. One of these features was "Enhanced Safe Browsing" launched last year by Google Chrome as a part of their enhanced protection system.

We have recently caught wind of Google introducing an update to the ‘Enhanced Safe Browsing’ by including two new areas of coverage. Google guarantees to have the safest user experience with its new launch. It was observed that Chrome 83 had enhanced safe browsing while Chrome 86 included enhanced safe browsing for Android and now, Chrome 91 will be harboring the new features.

Enhanced Safe Browsing initially has ample security points including checking the websites you have visited and keeping an eye on the sources you have downloaded through their database to determine if they are trusted. It also informs you if any of the passwords you have saved have been compromised to any data breaches.

Now, the new and advanced feature enables you to get notified before you install any untrusted extensions. It would also uninstall any malicious data breaches and malign extensions. Google claims that people who have access to Enhanced Safe Browsing have a 35% lower chance of getting phished compared to those who haven’t enabled the feature yet. Google reportedly has disabled around 81% more malicious extensions in 2020 than ever recorded before, perhaps this is why Google decided to make this feature into an official security process.

Enhanced Safe Browsing will now show a dialogue box whenever an extension is being installed to show if it is trusted, taking the burden off some of the concerned users. While only 75% of the extensions online are compliant right now, Google is making sure to make that a whole figure. As more and more developers sign up to the Chrome Web Store Policies, the ‘trusted’ extension rate keeps rising.

This might seem like a lot but it isn't all that Google has to offer. Enhanced Safe Browsing has added another feature where it will send potentially dangerous files to Google Safe Browsing for an analysis. These suspicious files will then be handled in two ways - if Google thinks they're unsafe, then they will be blocked from downloading. If they are a potential risk, a warning and an option to apply for an in-depth analysis will be shown.

To enable these settings you just have to navigate your way through the settings to privacy and security and find the security feature there if you're using a PC. However, if you're an Android user, head up to settings, find the same privacy and security and instead of 'security, you have to look for 'safe browsing'.

The Chrome 91 update started rolling out last week and people have yet to download the feature and enable this setting to truly enjoy the colors of a worry-free life!

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