Twitter confirms its new $2.99 ‘Twitter Blue’ Subscription Service on its iOS App Listings, but refuses to comment further

Twitter is back with another blow although it seems like it wasn’t intentional this time. It has been working on another subscription service, ‘Twitter Blue’, with an in-app purchase of $2.99/month. The feature isn’t fully enabled yet however we are excited for its launch already.

It seems like Twitter wasn’t ready to reveal the service yet but then why was it brought to light? We know Twitter is better than errs like these. The ‘accidental’ reveal of the new feature has not been confirmed nor commented on by Twitter officially. Then how did we know if this slip-up is authentic or not?

On 28th May, in a tweet by the app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, people discovered that the new Twitter update was sighted on the company's App Store listing. According to her tweet, Wong confirmed that she was able to subscribe to the service and posted screenshots verifying the new subscription service along with its features.

Wong went ahead to mention that there's a new 'undo tweet' feature that will prove to be a hot favorite amongst the public considering the number of lives destroyed through a single drunken tweet. The tweet also mentioned the presence of a 'reader's mode' enabled to make long tweets easier to read. A bunch of customizable features was also spotted including new app icons.

Now, the next feature is pretty similar to Instagram and we would expect people to be dismayed by the lack of creativity but the feature has received a surprising liking. Twitter Blue has a collection feature where you can save and organize your tweets for a more organized experience. We would also agree that it was a much-needed feature and suspect that it's going to be treasured forever.

Twitter even covered the visual front with this one by including different themes to be customized inside. As we all love to be able to switch things up from time to time, it was indeed a wise decision. Wong also went ahead and mentioned that she is the first subscriber of this service but how? We seem to have no access to it at all.

Twitter has been a free service for as long as we can remember and although there have been murmurs in the air about paid services, none of them have been sighted to a great extent yet. It will be quite riveting to watch as more and more people sign up for these paid services considering all of them to be as high-quality as ‘Twitter Blue’ promises to be.

Seeing as it is already listed on the app store listing, it must be close to launching though it hasn’t been enabled yet. The refusal of Twitter to comment on it is causing us to squirm in our seats as we’re dying to know more.

Whether the service will be open for all and if the features will turn out to be as promising as they sound remains a mystery, so stay tuned to find out more.

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