Twitter is experimenting with handy features for the safety of its users and allowing people who can give a reply even after it has been published

Some people on social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter try to troll, harass, and use abusive language which can be frustrating for many users. Many social media platforms are working on different types of features for the safety of their users. For instance, TikTok launched a feature to block bulk accounts and comments of users. Twitter has already done much work for the safety of its users such as introduced a feature of limiting the comments of users and who can reply. Now, Twitter is experimenting with three different features on its platform including, allowing users to change who can reply to a tweet after the post has been uploaded publicly, secondly, it is introducing a safety mode for its users, and lastly, it is launching a raised-hand option in Spaces.

The first feature, as per Jane Manchun Wong, that Twitter is bringing is the change feature which users are allowed to reply to a tweet even after it is issued, it will help the creator or author to allow a response option by restricting such users who would try to troll in a comment or reply. This feature will also allow users to share or send a tweet to others. Twitter first launched the option of limiting the users who can reply, but now it has made further advancements like changing the users who can reply even after tweeting. This will help in removing vulgar, and abusive language in a tweet.

Secondly, Twitter is trying hard to introduce is a safety mode for its users, it will help to prevent vulgar, and harmful language, this mode will itself block such accounts for almost a week from the platform that are involved in using abusive language, or undesirable replies. Twitter wants to make its platform a safer place for its users where everyone behaves in a polite manner. However, this feature will automatically block only such accounts you don’t often interact with, or you don’t follow.

The third feature that the platform is working on for a future release is the raised-hands option in Spaces, which is a type of emoji effect that many people use with text. This specific option will allow a user to ask to participate in a conversation or ask a question. Many other apps have already this option, for instance, in Zoom, you can use the emoji option of raising your hand to ask a question during a meeting. The company is also trying to launch a new look in the iPhones where it will focus on the audio option in the center of the screen.

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